Welcome to Fresh Start

Your Home for Recovery and a Brighter Future

In the beautiful state of Maine, we at Fresh Start believe in the power of community to help individuals overcome addiction and build fulfilling lives. Since 2018, our sober living homes have been more than just a place to stay – they’ve been a place to belong.

The Fresh Start Experience

Imagine a home filled with laughter, shared meals, and the camaraderie of those walking the same path. Our residents support each other through recovery, sharing responsibilities, attending meetings, and building a strong foundation for their journey. Whether coming directly from challenging circumstances or seeking ongoing support, Fresh Start offers a place where individuals can find their strength and build towards the future they deserve.

Second Family

Recovery shouldn’t be a solo journey. At Fresh Start, we become a family – cheering each other’s successes and offering shoulders to lean on during tough times. The bonds formed here extend far beyond our program, creating a network of lifelong support.

Preparing you for Success

Our goal isn’t simply to provide housing; it’s to empower you with the tools to thrive independently. We help you develop essential life skills and lay the groundwork for a future filled with hope and possibility.

Certification of Excellence

We’re incredibly proud to be the first recovery residence north of Augusta certified by MARR. This recognition highlights our commitment to the highest ethical standards and providing a proven path to lasting recovery. Click here to learn more about MARR.

Let Us Be Part of Your Story

If you or someone you love is seeking a supportive and life-changing path to recovery, Fresh Start is here. We invite you to learn more about our homes and see how we can become a part of your fresh start.

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