Our Team

Scott Pardy


Driven by a Passion for Second Chances: Scott’s journey in recovery residence housing began with a simple desire: to empower men and women leaving incarceration to find lasting recovery. As a person in long-term recovery himself, Scott understands the challenges faced by those seeking a life free from addiction.

Witnessing the Need: Through volunteer work at the Penobscot County Jail and Charleston Prison, Scott saw firsthand the struggles of individuals re-entering society without stable housing or a supportive environment. This ignited a spark within him, a mission to fill this critical gap and offer a path to a brighter future.

Building a Dream: In 2018, fueled by his passion and fueled by his passion, Scott opened the first Fresh Start sober living home. Within just three years, his dedication led to the creation of seven more homes, providing hope and opportunity to countless individuals.

A Local Champion: A lifelong resident of Bangor with a deep love for his community, Scott is a proud father of four adult children and a cherished grandfather. His dedication extends beyond Fresh Start, enriching the lives of those he encounters and making a positive impact on his hometown.

James Rickrode

Vice-President & General Manager

From Challenge to Triumph: James’s story is a testament to the power of resilience and the life-changing impact of Fresh Start. In 1999, a serious car accident led him down a path of opioid dependence. Finding strength, he overcame this hurdle with the help of methadone. However, legal challenges related to alcohol led to probation and a period of personal struggle.

A Turning Point: In September 2017, James faced a pivotal moment. A two-year sentence with a path towards recovery became the catalyst for change. Through his introduction to Fresh Start and Scott Pardy’s guidance, James discovered the supportive environment he needed.

More Than Sober: A Guiding Light: Today, James celebrates over 5 years of sobriety. He’s not just a success story – he’s become an invaluable asset to Fresh Start, a beacon of hope, and a powerful example for others. His journey demonstrates that even in the face of adversity, lasting recovery and a fulfilling life are possible.

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