Our Homes

We’re proud of our supportive and loving community. Our homes that make residents feel comfortable from the very beginning. Thanks to the generous support from our communities and the positive recovery path that many of our residents have experienced we have been able to grow and provide several recovery homes to men and women in need.

Home #1 – Bangor

The dream became a reality when the very first home was purchased on October 9th 2018.  This home is a great 8 bed 3 bath property close to the public library, the city bus depot, many employment opportunities and some great dining.

Home #2 – Brewer

One house was never the plan. We knew there was a need and we were determined to fill it and make a difference in the lives of those recovering from addiction. This is our 2nd home for Fresh Start but our first in Brewer.

Home #3 – Bangor

Due to the overwhelming need, Scott purchased this 7 bedroom, 3 bath home in the fall of 2019. This is the third house that Fresh Start owns, after kicking off our mission just a year before.

Home #4 – Bangor

House #4  came in February of 2020.  This home has 8 bedrooms and like all the other homes is on the bus route and close to services.

Home #5 – Bangor

House # 5 came in August of 2020.  This home has 5 bedrooms with one being a double. 6 recovery residents reside there.

Home #6 – Brewer

In partnership with the Bangor Area Recovery Network, Holyoke Haven is a 5 bed 3 bath sober living home for women located in Brewer.

Home # 7 – Bangor

Details coming soon!

Home #8 – Bangor

Due to the overwhelming need for sober housing in our area, a 6 bedroom 1.5 bath became house number 8 in October of 2021.

Home #9 – Bangor

In November of 2021 we acquired our 9th property. A 7 bedroom 3 bath home. All rooms are single occupancy.

Home #10 – Bangor

In February 2022 we added a woman’s recovery home to our list of Bangor residences. We are excited to share the journey of recovery for women in need at this beautiful home.

Home #11 – Bangor

In July of 2022 we opened this 10 bed, 4 bath Recovery Residence for men in Bangor. This house is next door to the first house where we began.

Home #12 – Bangor

In October of 2022 we added this 6 bed, one bath home to our collection. This house is next door to our 7th location. This is also a mens house.

Home #13 – Bangor

In February of 2023 we purchased this beautiful building with 12 beds for men in recovery!

By the end of year 2022 we are proud to own 13 sober living residences. We provide over 100 people suffering from the disease of substance abuse with a safe and stable environment. Our homes are open to both men and women seeking a healthy, stable and supportive lifestyle. This has allowed those in recovery to maintain growth and sustainability on their journey.  We continue to grow to provide for the need with each opportunity that presents itself. 

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