We’re Growing

We spent a good amount of time working at making our first house a home but we were well aware that there was a great need that would not be solved with just one property so we maintained our dedication to finding a few more. With house number one only having 2 available beds immediately after opening at then end of 2018, we knew we couldn’t wait for long and continued the search for our second & third sober living homes. We found home number 2 just shy of a year later in Brewer. We closed on this Cape Cod style 3 bedroom 2 bath home on October 1st 2019. House number three brought us back to Bangor, Maine and was an amazing find. This former 2 floor apartment building is now a single home with 7 bedrooms and we were able to acquire it just two months after our second home.

When Scott bought the first home on Ohio St., we didn’t realize how huge the need was. At that time, we had 40 to 50 pending applications and the phone was constantly ringing with inquiries. With a total of 3 homes & 13 bedrooms. Most men live at a Fresh Start Sober Living House between three and six months before moving into their own apartments. About 25 percent are asked to leave due to a relapse or behavioral issues. We are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment to help those who which to maintain a lifestyle of clean sober living.

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